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1. Donate with Apple Pay in DonorDrive.

Our nonprofit clients that fundraise with DonorDrive can now offer their supporters Apple Pay as an easy and secure method of giving. The COPD Foundation is the first of our clients (and among a small group of nonprofits worldwide) that is now connected for giving by Apple Pay.

Tags: Apple Pay, mobile friendly, peer-to-peer fundraising
By Kevin Wolfe
2. Infographic: What motivates your supporters to click the donate button?

There’s much research out there on why people give, but specifically...why do peer-to-peer donors click the donate button? Every day our developers and UI Team here at DonorDrive work on making the donation process easier and faster across all devices. From 18 years of refining the online donation process, we know that the physics of making donating convenient definitely leads to more donations and more dollars. But we also remember that the key motivators that trigger a donor to give in peer-to-peer fundraising are related to emotions and personal relationships.

Tags: mobile friendly, infographic
By Kevin Wolfe
3. Infographic: The leap to mobile.

We’re at the point where our phones are no longer regarded as an alternative to our desktop, they’re now our preferred way to do online. For some activities we still prefer a big screen and a big keyboard, like inputting data and maybe watching Netflix. But we’re now using our smartphones for reading and viewing that data and communicating. Smartphones are also rapidly being adopted as the device of choice for transactions, including donations. In peer-to-peer fundraising, we’ve seen a smartphone explosion at DonorDrive. 

Tags: infographic, mobile friendly, fundraising statistics
By Kevin Wolfe
4. Does your fundraising pass Google's smartphone test?

Mobile has become a huge issue for nonprofits. Having been much slower to adapt to mobile than the commercial world, many organizations have failed to address the mobile issue or assumed that their software providers were handling it. But falling revenues, both online and off are showing the sad truth for many organizations that are not mobile ready. We’re at the point that more than half of web traffic, search traffic and ecommerce is through mobile devices. For online donations, the more alarming statistic is that the bounce rate for mobile users on mobile-unfriendly pages is almost... 

Tags: mobile friendly, peer-to-peer fundraising
By Kevin Wolfe

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