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1. Infographic: Fundraising is a team sport

For events that rely on peer-to-peer fundraising, teams have become the backbone. It’s easy to see why: 100 teams can bring you as much revenue as 1,000 individual participants. A team raises 10 times the dollars an individual participant raises.

For our latest infographic we dug deep into the numbers to see why teams are playing such a vital role in events and why making your event team-centric is a sound strategy for growth. In our data sample* of DonorDrive client events that made teams part of their fundraising, we discovered that more than half of the event revenue was generated by teams.

Tags: infographic, fundraising statistics, teams
By Kevin Wolfe
2. Infographic: Supersize your donation with covered processing fees

Our latest DonorDrive infographic examines the trend of giving your donors the option to cover the processing fees associated with their donation. We all know (including your donors) that it costs money to raise money. There are fees associated with receiving and processing donations online and today donors want to help you cover these costs by giving a little bit more. So why is this trend happening? As a society we expect to pay a little extra. The price of anything is never the real price anymore. There are always fees for something: shipping, service, upgrades, etc. The big difference when it comes to giving is that donors understand that the extra fees they’re paying are enabling the organization to do that much more good with the full force of their donation.

Tags: infographic, Donor paid processing fees
By Kevin Wolfe
3. Best articles of 2016.

As we look back at 2016 in peer-to-peer fundraising, there’s been much going on. We reported on the most important topics in the DonorDriven Blog and compiled a handy list of our best articles of the year.

Tags: social media, Millennials, peer-to-peer fundraising, best practices, Cause Marketing, fundraising statistics, Apple Pay, fundraise-your-way, infographic
By Kevin Wolfe
4. Infographic: Habits of highly-motivated fundraisers.

We often try to slice and dice event numbers in a myriad of complex ways to determine what makes our fundraisers successful. Some organizations examine the tiniest of details, but maybe we’ve been overthinking how we identify success. We took a step back for this infographic and did a simple split in our data from DonorDrive events, identifying those raising better than average and those raising less.

Tags: infographic, fundraising statistics, Events, best practices
By Kevin Wolfe
5. Infographic: Social fundraising is alive and well in 2016. And growing.

Numerous reports have come out recently criticizing social media for a lackluster fundraising performance. And it’s true: If your organization is making the ask over your well-liked social media channels you may be surprised at the lack of response. That’s because social media is a tool best used by supporters, not organizations. What really gets the donations pouring in is when your participants share the story of why they’re involved in your event and ask their friends and family to give.

Tags: social media, peer-to-peer fundraising, infographic, fundraising statistics
By Kevin Wolfe
6. Infographic: The power of Millennial events.

Millennials are credited with being the most passionate generation to date, but still nonprofits struggle with how to harness that passion for their organization. It’s important to remember that the biggest value of Millennials to an organization is in participation, rather than in donations. As Millennials age, they're likely to give more, but right now it’s important to think of them as fundraisers for your organization rather than donors.

Tags: Millennials, fundraising statistics, Events, infographic
By Kevin Wolfe
7. Infographic: Who's snatching your DIY dollars?

If you don't have a DIY program, the answer to that is pretty simple: Everybody. 

Most major nonprofits already have DIY programs in place and the rest are currently adding DIY as a new revenue stream. So why is 2016 quickly becoming the Year of DIY? It's that organizations are seeing big benefits and almost no downside. A DIY program requires many less staff hours than a new event would and each campaign yields more than...

Tags: DIY, peer-to-peer fundraising, infographic, fundraising statistics, fundraise-your-way
By Kevin Wolfe
8. Infographic: What motivates your supporters to click the donate button?

There’s much research out there on why people give, but specifically...why do peer-to-peer donors click the donate button? Every day our developers and UI Team here at DonorDrive work on making the donation process easier and faster across all devices. From 18 years of refining the online donation process, we know that the physics of making donating convenient definitely leads to more donations and more dollars. But we also remember that the key motivators that trigger a donor to give in peer-to-peer fundraising are related to emotions and personal relationships.

Tags: mobile friendly, infographic
By Kevin Wolfe
9. Infographic: Putting Endurance Superstars on your team.

For many organizations, endurance events have become a key part of their fundraising. As an example, recently DonorDrive clients raised over $1.25 million in the 2015 Chicago Marathon alone. Some of our clients have built complete third-party programs and run their own supporter teams in big marathons and big cycling events. Others have taken a more modest approach, encouraging their supporters to use a DIY campaign to fundraise around the endurance events they compete in. Whichever, this is a revenue stream we've watched grow substantially.

Tags: fundraise-your-way, fundraising statistics, DIY, infographic
By Kevin Wolfe
10. Infographic: These are the superheroes saving signature events.

We’re always thinking how great it would be if we could get a few more of our event participants to raise a few more bucks. But what if you could get a dozen to raise $10,000 each? We did some digging into DonorDrive numbers to find the traits of event participants who raise $10,000 and over. We then compared these to the average participant in these same events to see what contributes to an Event Superstar’s bionic fundraising ability. 

Tags: fundraise-your-way, fundraising statistics, DIY, infographic
By Kevin Wolfe

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