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11. Infographic: These are the superheroes saving signature events.

We’re always thinking how great it would be if we could get a few more of our event participants to raise a few more bucks. But what if you could get a dozen to raise $10,000 each? We did some digging into DonorDrive numbers to find the traits of event participants who raise $10,000 and over. We then compared these to the average participant in these same events to see what contributes to an Event Superstar’s bionic fundraising ability. 

Tags: fundraise-your-way, fundraising statistics, DIY, infographic
By Kevin Wolfe
12. Infographic: DIY Superstars

As DIY fundraising has become a standard revenue stream for so many nonprofits, many organizations are building strategies to maximize the effect of their DIY programs.

In the past, we’ve reported on some amazing personal campaigns, like a boy with diabetes who raised $150,000 for his bar mitzvah, a climber who raised $60,000 as he climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and a guy who ran across the Brooklyn Bridge in stiletto heels to help rebuild a center for homeless teens. While these are wonderful stories, they’re the exceptions to the rule. Many DIY campaigns will generate a few hundred dollars. But in researching this infographic, we wanted to examine the success of the more impactful DIY campaigns to find out if there are patterns to their success that can be used in encouraging your own DIY fundraisers to be more successful.

Tags: fundraise-your-way, DIY, infographic
By Kevin Wolfe
13. How to get your board to fundraise online.

It’s likely you still have board members who can write a big fat check. But they’ve probably never introduced you to their friends in the same way your participants have. Board members can be incredibly well connected with many philanthropic contacts and peer-to-peer fundraising is a great way to set up that introduction to your organization. Here are some ways to get your board to start fundraising:

Tags: DIY, fundraise-your-way, best practices, peer-to-peer fundraising
By Kevin Wolfe
14. How to fix a fundraising shortfall: Part 2.

When the economy is going well it can cover up a lot of faults with signature events. A good economy may have served your event so well that you didn’t notice problems developing. But those issues become obvious when the economy goes sour and the money gets tight. As Warren Buffett said: when the tide goes out, you find out who’s naked. Low tide happened for many signature events across North America that weren’t run well. They had a lot of money coming in because the economy was good and it covered up the fact that the event was growing unhealthy.When the economy turned sour, it became the scapegoat for all the event’s problems. Now that the economy is getting better many the events are not recovering. That’s because they still have these common faults we’ve seen that they haven’t dealt with.

Tags: Thought Leadership, Events, fundraise-your-way, DIY
By Ed Lord
15. Self-Directed Fundraising: It's a donor's market.

The world of fundraising is pivoting. What’s happening is that we’re moving to the next horizon, which is self-directed fundraising. Where we’re headed is fundraising that’s directed by your donors, not directed by your organization. Organizations that think that the way they’ve raised money through their long-established signature events will continue—are mistaken. Many walks and runs are now 30-year-old products that haven’t been innovated for the times. There’s fatigue, since many of those participating in these events are less likely to continue as they get older and the events are dated ideas that are just not appealing or relevant to younger people. I’m not saying that tomorrow we’ll shut off the signature-event faucet. But what we’ve seen is a continuous decline in the revenues they’re raising and the efforts to revive many of these events just haven’t worked.

Tags: fundraise-your-way, DIY
By Kevin Wolfe
16. #GivingTuesday Quick Guide.

#GivingTuesday was founded in 2012 by the 92nd Street Y and the United Nations as a global day to give back. It happens annually the Tuesday after Black Friday and occurs this year on December 2, 2014. A fascinating stat from last year is that #GivingTuesday doesn’t hurt your end-of-year campaign: Of those tracking #GivingTuesday campaigns last year, about 60% said they saw no drop in their separate year-end campaign and about 40% said they saw an increase in their year-end campaign.

Tags: fundraise-your-way, DIY, Giving Tuesday
By Kevin Wolfe
17. How to eliminate the zero dollar fundraiser

What's shocking to most nonprofits in the peer-to-peer fundraising space is how many event participants they have who don't raise a penny. These are usually people who signed up (probably because someone asked them to) but didn't get around to fundraising until they felt it was too late. Maybe they walked in your event, or maybe they quietly (with guilt or embarrassment) bowed out, hoping you wouldn't notice.

We tend to write off the zero-dollar fundraiser as just part of doing business. But have you looked at how many you really have? If it's less than 20%...

Tags: fundraise-your-way, peer-to-peer fundraising, DIY
By Kevin Wolfe
18. Why all the interest in fundraising with Third Party Programs?

Last fall when we published our free eBook The Complete Guide to Creating a Third Party Fundraising Program, interest in the topic was at its peak—or so we thought. Since then the number of downloads has continued to increase. A Google search for third party fundraising now shows over 3.5 million and there's a growing buzz about the term among the many nonprofits we talk to on a daily basis as well.

Tags: fundraise-your-way, DIY
By Kevin Wolfe
19. Crowdfunding alternatives that actually make sense.

As the word crowdfunding becomes more and more a part of our vocabulary, nonprofits are questioning its use as part of their revenue stream. It seems like crowdfunding is money for nothing: a site just hands you the cash they raise for you, right? While you'd expect saying yes is a no brainer, crowdfunding is not without its downsides, as many established nonprofits are discovering.

Tags: fundraise-your-way, DIY
By Kevin Wolfe
20. Free ebook for nonprofits: The Complete Guide to Creating a Third Party Fundraising Program.

Some of North America's most successful nonprofits have chosen DonorDrive for hosting their third party fundraising programs and it’s given us a wealth of expertise on this hot topic. Many of these have built their programs from scratch on DonorDrive, so they've been through just about everything possible in the process. We interviewed clients of various sizes, from those with national third party programs, to those focusing their program on regional events, to...

Tags: fundraise-your-way, DIY
By Kevin Wolfe

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