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1. Fundraising flexibility that fuels regional and national growth.

For the past few years we’ve seen a trend of organizations expanding their peer-to-peer fundraising solely from hosting signature events to now offering DIY fundraising, third-party fundraising, community fundraising, virtual programs and other options to retain current supporters and to attract new ones. Many are discovering a big hidden benefit in offering fundraising options: They’re encouraging new growth both regionally and nationally.

Tags: DIY, peer-to-peer fundraising, best practices, fundraise-your-way
By Kevin Wolfe
2. Best articles of 2016.

As we look back at 2016 in peer-to-peer fundraising, there’s been much going on. We reported on the most important topics in the DonorDriven Blog and compiled a handy list of our best articles of the year.

Tags: social media, Millennials, peer-to-peer fundraising, best practices, Cause Marketing, fundraising statistics, Apple Pay, fundraise-your-way, infographic
By Kevin Wolfe
3. Spring is DIY season.

Many organizations are discovering that Spring is a very successful time of the year to encourage supporters to create Do It Yourself peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns. There are two main reasons for this:

Tags: fundraise-your-way, DIY
By Kevin Wolfe
4. Is resistance to DIY keeping you from your next revenue stream?

Many DonorDrive clients are generating substantial income through Personal Campaigns or complete Do It Yourself fundraising  programs. But we’re hearing that some organizations (maybe yours included?) are facing resistance from within that’s keeping them from starting a program. If you’re finding this opposition inside your organization, we thought it might be helpful for your plea if you had some straightforward answers to the most common questions from boards and executive staff.

Tags: DIY, peer-to-peer fundraising, fundraise-your-way
By Kevin Wolfe
5. Infographic: Who's snatching your DIY dollars?

If you don't have a DIY program, the answer to that is pretty simple: Everybody. 

Most major nonprofits already have DIY programs in place and the rest are currently adding DIY as a new revenue stream. So why is 2016 quickly becoming the Year of DIY? It's that organizations are seeing big benefits and almost no downside. A DIY program requires many less staff hours than a new event would and each campaign yields more than...

Tags: DIY, peer-to-peer fundraising, infographic, fundraising statistics, fundraise-your-way
By Kevin Wolfe
6. The Complete Guide to Corporate Partnerships for Nonprofits, Part 7: Fundraising...the new element.

Today we’re seeing fundraising play a substantially larger role in comany Cause Marketing efforts. Workplace giving has been around for a long time, but workplace fundraising is a sexy new concept for some corporate partners. Businesses are gravitating...

Tags: best practices, fundraise-your-way, DIY
By Ed Lord
7. Our best articles of 2015.

Looking back at 2015, much has happened for organizations that depend on peer-to-peer fundraising. We've covered this extensively in our DonorDriven Blog and have put together a convenient list of our most useful articles of the year...


Tags: fundraise-your-way, best practices, events, DIY
By Kevin Wolfe
8. Why crowdfunding fizzled for nonprofits and why DIY is taking off.

Last year every nonprofit was buzzing about that trendy, new, crowdfunding stuff. But this year...crickets.

A quick search of Google news shows crowdfunding articles that mention nonprofits are down 47%...

Tags: Thought Leadership, fundraise-your-way, DIY
By Kevin Wolfe
9. Infographic: Putting Endurance Superstars on your team.

For many organizations, endurance events have become a key part of their fundraising. As an example, recently DonorDrive clients raised over $1.25 million in the 2015 Chicago Marathon alone. Some of our clients have built complete third-party programs and run their own supporter teams in big marathons and big cycling events. Others have taken a more modest approach, encouraging their supporters to use a DIY campaign to fundraise around the endurance events they compete in. Whichever, this is a revenue stream we've watched grow substantially.

Tags: fundraise-your-way, fundraising statistics, DIY, infographic
By Kevin Wolfe
10. Fundraising for your future.

In a few short years, the peer-to-peer fundraising space has evolved dramatically. Back in 2007 we started building DonorDrive when two of our large nonprofit clients expressed a similar need: they wanted innovative software that would make it easy for event participants to fundraise through their friends, family and coworkers. By continuing...

Tags: fundraise-your-way, Thought Leadership, DIY
By Kevin Wolfe

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