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1. eBook: How to Build a Better Board.

Executive directors at some organizations tend to think the board is a scapegoat for everything that goes wrong. Though the board can sometimes seem like a lump in the way of your nonprofit’s progress, you still have to work with them in order to get your job done. We called on our team of fundraising experts at DonorDrive that have the unique experience of working with boards in their jobs at nonprofits, as well as serving on boards. From their perspective of having seen the issues from both sides, we’ve created an eBook that gives you some of the most practical advice you’ll find for working with your board. In How to Build a Better Board we cover:

Tags: Thought Leadership, eBook
By Kevin Wolfe
2. The 6 most important facts about nonprofit storytelling from our free eBook.

Recently we finished an intense series of posts called Storytelling That Gets More Donations. As its turns out, storytelling is not the mystical mumbo jumbo it's made out to be. Instead it's a simple thing that can be easily taught and tracked for its ROI (as well as its impact) on your organization. We've put all this useful content into an easy-to-digest eBook that's available for free. For this post, we've gleaned a few of the key learning from... 

Tags: eBook, storytelling
By Kevin Wolfe

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