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1. Fundraising in a generational society.

Each generation of our society is shaped by the events of their time. The Greatest Generation returned from World War II and gave us the massive, free-thinking Baby Boom Generation. Boomers gave us the independent Generation X, which in turn spawned the passionate Millennial Generation. As a result of the world they grew up in, each generation has a distinct culture that’s helped shape their values. It’s when we understand these differences between the generations that we can appeal to their desire to support.

Tags: Millennials, Thought Leadership
By Ed Lord
2. The value of community in peer-to-peer fundraising.

Social media is accused of driving society apart. But those who see things that way tend to be people clinging to old ways and failing to see the ways that social media is bringing us all closer together. The reality is that social media can create a new, more intimate sense of community. Every one of us has connected with a long-lost friend or relative on Facebook. People who have moved across the country or to the other side of world keep those at home constantly updated on their life via Twitter. And online groups connect people with similar interests across the globe.

Tags: Millennials, best practices, Thought Leadership
By Ed Lord
3. The Complete Guide to Corporate Partnerships for Nonprofits. Part 1: Business is business.

This seven-part series was written as a comprehensive guide for nonprofits who are looking to move beyond basic commercial sponsorship to long-term partnerships with corporations and gain the extensive benefits these relationships offer. What I’ll cover over the next few weeks are: 

Tags: Thought Leadership, Cause Marketing
By Ed Lord
4. Why crowdfunding fizzled for nonprofits and why DIY is taking off.

Last year every nonprofit was buzzing about that trendy, new, crowdfunding stuff. But this year...crickets.

A quick search of Google news shows crowdfunding articles that mention nonprofits are down 47%...

Tags: Thought Leadership, fundraise-your-way, DIY
By Kevin Wolfe
5. Why legacy giving is declining and how that benefits nonprofits.

According to the last-released IRS numbers, Charitable Remainder Trusts (that fund legacy giving) have been on the decline since 2007. Though these stats are based on the 2012 tax year, we see no indication of any increase, despite the fact that the stock market has improved and that starting a CRT can have tax advantages. 

Tags: Thought Leadership
By Kevin Wolfe
6. Fundraising for your future.

In a few short years, the peer-to-peer fundraising space has evolved dramatically. Back in 2007 we started building DonorDrive when two of our large nonprofit clients expressed a similar need: they wanted innovative software that would make it easy for event participants to fundraise through their friends, family and coworkers. By continuing...

Tags: fundraise-your-way, Thought Leadership, DIY
By Kevin Wolfe
7. eBook: How to Build a Better Board.

Executive directors at some organizations tend to think the board is a scapegoat for everything that goes wrong. Though the board can sometimes seem like a lump in the way of your nonprofit’s progress, you still have to work with them in order to get your job done. We called on our team of fundraising experts at DonorDrive that have the unique experience of working with boards in their jobs at nonprofits, as well as serving on boards. From their perspective of having seen the issues from both sides, we’ve created an eBook that gives you some of the most practical advice you’ll find for working with your board. In How to Build a Better Board we cover:

Tags: Thought Leadership, eBook
By Kevin Wolfe
8. Giving USA 2015 shows donations up 5%.

The Giving USA 2015 Report is out today and shows a big positive swing for nonprofits. Overall giving is up 5% with $358 billion donated. Broken down, individual giving is up 5.7%, foundation giving is up 8.2%, bequest giving is up 15.5% and corporate giving is up 13.7%. Corporate and bequest giving have made big rebounds from down years. Overall giving in all sectors is up, which we feel shows the sound health of philanthropy in general. The strongest growth in giving was to arts, animal welfare and environmental causes (all smaller categories, 8% of all giving) when compared to religion, education and human services (those three combined are 60% of all giving.)

Tags: Thought Leadership
By Kevin Wolfe
9. How to fix a fundraising shortfall: Part 2.

When the economy is going well it can cover up a lot of faults with signature events. A good economy may have served your event so well that you didn’t notice problems developing. But those issues become obvious when the economy goes sour and the money gets tight. As Warren Buffett said: when the tide goes out, you find out who’s naked. Low tide happened for many signature events across North America that weren’t run well. They had a lot of money coming in because the economy was good and it covered up the fact that the event was growing unhealthy.When the economy turned sour, it became the scapegoat for all the event’s problems. Now that the economy is getting better many the events are not recovering. That’s because they still have these common faults we’ve seen that they haven’t dealt with.

Tags: Thought Leadership, Events, fundraise-your-way, DIY
By Ed Lord
10. How to fix a fundraising shortfall: Part 1

When your event revenue comes up short, it can be disastrous for your organization. If you can find a quick fix for that shortage of money, that’s great. But it doesn’t really help fix the problem for next year and the years to come. And it’s a problem you must fix for the long-term success of your organization. 

This article gives you a series of questions that can help you determine where the problem lies. Don’t worry about blame. Just answer honestly so you can spot the problems.

Tags: Thought Leadership, Events
By Ed Lord

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