Case Study: Children's Miracle Network Hospitals' big success with Google Ad Grants.
Nonprofit Marketing
December 13, 2016
By Kevin Wolfe

A Google Ad Grant really is free money for nonprofits. Organizations that qualify for the program receive $120,000 a year in Google Ad Word advertising. This is a massive amount of in-kind advertising dollars that can be used to promote an organization’s brand, events and fundraising. Results vary greatly, but many organizations have used their Google Grant to get substantially more site traffic and they’ve also seen substantially more donations and dollars since starting the ads.

The 2017 DonorDrive Peer-To-Peer Professional Forum Conference Scholarship is open for applications.
DonorDrive News
December 2, 2016
By Kevin Wolfe

The Peer-To-Peer Professional Forum Conference is the largest gathering of its kind in the world. In addition to top-name speakers, the conference is great for networking and sharing ideas with hundreds peers from other nonprofits. Each year DonorDrive sponsors a scholarship to the conference so a staffer from a deserving organization has the opportunity to go, share and learn. So here’s your chance.

Infographic: Mobile Fundraising 2016...up again.
Nonprofit Marketing
November 29, 2016
By Kevin Wolfe

You won’t find many who will argue with you that their phone is now their most important device, more valuable than desktop, laptop or tablet. Our phones have become the go-to tool for so much of what we do that we demand bigger screens, better cameras and faster input methods, all while we spend less and less time actually talking on our phones.
For nonprofits engaged in peer-to-peer fundraising, phones have become the most valuable device for connecting with their constituents as well. We’ve researched the fundraising data from this year for DonorDrive clients raising more than $1 million online annually through our software. And here’s what we found: Mobile site visits in DonorDrive grew 9% in 2016 and they now account for 63% of all visits to organizations’ websites and their supporters’ fundraising pages.

Fundraising in a generational society.
Fundraiser Profiles
November 22, 2016
By Ed Lord

Each generation of our society is shaped by the events of their time. The Greatest Generation returned from World War II and gave us the massive, free-thinking Baby Boom Generation. Boomers gave us the independent Generation X, which in turn spawned the passionate Millennial Generation. As a result of the world they grew up in, each generation has a distinct culture that’s helped shape their values. It’s when we understand these differences between the generations that we can appeal to their desire to support.

Donate with Apple Pay in DonorDrive.
DonorDrive News
November 15, 2016
By Kevin Wolfe

Our nonprofit clients that fundraise with DonorDrive can now offer their supporters Apple Pay as an easy and secure method of giving. The COPD Foundation is the first of our clients (and among a small group of nonprofits worldwide) that is now connected for giving by Apple Pay.

How to analyze your 2016 event success.
DonorDrive News
November 10, 2016
By Kevin Wolfe

‚ÄčThe end of fall events is the time to catch your breath and take another look at your plans for 2017. If you’re like many of our DonorDrive clients, you’re using this time to examine data from this year’s events in order to find out what what made them successful and to determine what you can do to improve them next year. In DonorDrive, we added a great reporting tool this year called Event Insights. This helps our clients quickly see key metrics in their events by tracking trends, peaks and averages. This same examination can usually be done in other software through data exports to Excel. It’s more time intensive, but the data you gain is certainly worth the effort.

What defines a compassionate act?
Nonprofit Spotlight
November 2, 2016
By Kevin Wolfe

On November 1st at the Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Canada Conference, we sponsored a lunchtime contest and asked attendees to tweet the most compassionate act from their nonprofit this year. We thought we'd share a few of the great stories, all centered around the work that their supporters did for the cause.

When it came to compassion, some supporters gave their time and energy: