Peer-to-peer fundraising stats you can bank on in 2017
Peer to Peer Fundraising Best Practices
February 8, 2017
By Kevin Wolfe

At DonorDrive, we regularly pore through a massive volume of data from our clients to spot the big trends in peer-to-peer fundraising. We thought we’d share some stats from our State of Peer-toPeer Fundraising Report 2017 that will definitely help you in your fundraising decisions for 2017.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: How organizations are doubling their online revenue
Peer to Peer Fundraising Best Practices
February 1, 2017
By Kevin Wolfe

Working closely with our DonorDrive clients, we get an in-the-trenches view of what’s happening in peer-to-peer fundraising. Once again, we’ve seen many of our clients grow their events, grow their campaigns and—more importantly—grow their organizations. In examining the event totals of DonorDrive clients raising more than $1 million online annually, we came across this amazing stat:

Our report reveals the key findings about peer-to-peer fundraising for 2017
Peer to Peer Event Planning
January 25, 2017
By Kevin Wolfe

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a rapidly-changing field. Right now there are new challenges and new opportunities for all nonprofits that will determine whether 2017 will be a successful year for them or not. Each year we compile our State of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Report, providing you with proven best practices and fresh thought leadership, all backed by statistics from hundreds of thousands of participants and donors, as well as millions raised through organizations successfully fundraising with DonorDrive.

DonorDrive/Peer-to-Peer Forum Conference Scholarship awarded to Megan Cammarata of the Summit Center
DonorDrive News
January 18, 2017
By Kevin Wolfe

The Peer-to-Peer Forum Conference is the largest event for nonprofits that depend on peer-to-peer fundraising for their revenue. Hundreds of staff from some of North America’s most prestigious and innovative organizations will gather in Atlanta on March 1st and 2nd to learn from the industry’s best and to share their successes with their peers. Each year DonorDrive awards the DonorDrive/Peer-to-Peer Forum Conference Scholarship to someone at a deserving nonprofit that will benefit from attending the conference. And each year our awardees tell us that their experience at the conference has led to organizational improvements that helped them better deliver on their mission.

When The Conversation Turns Ugly
Nonprofit Marketing
October 13, 2011
By kwolfe

It’s easy to forget that social media is not a PR outlet. Sure, you can use it to push your message out there, but Twitter, Facebook, etc. are highly-public forms of two-way communication. Your constituents and others have the ability to talk back, or even start the conversation. For non-profits, the talk is usually centered around the positives of charities and giving. But occasionally the conversation is not...

How to solve your participant retention problem.
Peer to Peer Fundraising Best Practices
January 13, 2017
By Kevin Wolfe, Michelle Steed, Ed Lord

A big reason nonprofits have had event revenue come up flat in recent years is poor participant retention. When retention goes down, you have to recruit even more participants than in previous years just for your event to break even. With their years of event success, DonorDrive’s Ed Lord and Michelle Steed give us some proven best practices for...

Fundraising flexibility that fuels regional and national growth.
Peer to Peer Event Planning
January 4, 2017
By Kevin Wolfe

For the past few years we’ve seen a trend of organizations expanding their peer-to-peer fundraising solely from hosting signature events to now offering DIY fundraising, third-party fundraising, community fundraising, virtual programs and other options to retain current supporters and to attract new ones. Many are discovering a big hidden benefit in offering fundraising options: They’re encouraging new growth both regionally and nationally.