Free Webinar: Motivating your peer-to-peer participants to raise more.

If you’ve had problems with your signature events just not bringing in the dollars they used to, you’re not alone. While it's a trend that’s happening across North America, there are many events that are both growing and improving their participant fundraising at an amazing rate. One event that’s excelled at turning their participants into big fundraisers is Climate Ride. They’ve set a $2800 fundraising minimum for their rides and then get many participants to raise substantially more. You can find out how they do it in DonorDrive’s webinar in partner with PeerToPeer Professional Forum and Climate Ride.

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Live feed from P2P Engage.

We're at Engage P2P in DC. Check out our live Twitter feed.

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DonorDrive connects with Salesforce.

​Connecting enterprise-level event fundraising to a CRM has been a headache for many organizations. For most, either the fundraising software couldn’t handle complex fundraising needs and national events or the CRM was very user unfriendly, if the two integrated at all. We’re happy to tell you today: that's all changed. DonorDrive Peer-To-Peer Fundraising software seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, the #1 CRM.


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The 6 most important facts about nonprofit storytelling from our free eBook.

Recently we finished an intense series of posts called Storytelling That Gets More Donations. As its turns out, storytelling is not the mystical mumbo jumbo it's made out to be. Instead it's a simple thing that can be easily taught and tracked for its ROI (as well as its impact) on your organization. We've put all this useful content into an easy-to-digest eBook that's available for free. For this post, we've gleaned a few of the key learning from... 

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Infographic: Making a second ask really pays off.

Nonprofits are pretty happy when an event participant sends out an email to all their friends and family, talks about their participation in a Facebook update or tweets out the link to their fundraising page. But our recent study finds that almost half of the donations your supporters are raising for your cause are coming from the donor’s second visit (or later) to the fundraising page. To improve your peer-to-peer fundraising, your supporters must make many asks.

At DonorDrive, we’ve gathered much client input and have done a lot of testing with user interface design and made  our donation process as convenient as possible (with simpler donations forms, mobile-friendly fundraising pages, etc.). We know this has worked since it’s minimized bounce rate. But there are numerous other factors in the donor’s life that can hinder the donation process. Usually it boils down to the fact that donating wasn’t convenient at the time. In tracking the process we know that many donors first see the ask on their phone in an email or in a social update from the participant. Even...

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So...what's the plan for next year?

Question Icon DonorDriveIt’s that time? Already? We know for most of you, your fall events are well underway, but for everyone it’s time to start thinking about 2015. We have some practical advice for helping you create a schedule that can make 2015 go smoothly:

Do it now. What can you move off your plate to devote full attention to effectively planning next year? If you have a schedule firmly in place soon, maybe even before your...

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Effective onboarding: Fostering talent for your organization's future success.

There’s a serious industry-wide problem in retaining nonprofit staff, especially fundraisers. Raising money is a tough job to do. It‘s not for everyone, so there will always be some attrition of fundraising staff and frankly—this is a positive thing. But the real problem is that we lose good people who are capable of being good fundraisers because we don’t train them to be good fundraisers. To fix it, we have to dump our old ideas about onboarding and training. Then we need to invest in new ways to train new staff. The onboarding and training plan outlined below creates an environment that encourages loyalty and longevity, as well as... 

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Infographic: Seniors are big givers to Millennial events.

As the population grays, seniors are playing a bigger and bigger role in online fundraising. According to recent numbers from Dunham and Company, seniors are now just as likely to give online as those under 65. And as Baby Boomers head for retirement we’re gaining more seniors. It's easy to make assumptions about who seniors give to, but don't. Even if your events focus on Millennials, you may be missing out on donations from senior. DonorDrive stats show that Grandma and Grandpa are giving to their grandkids events. Though...

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Growing events through donor renewal.

I continually hear from organizations using peer-to-peer fundraising for their signature events that they're in a crisis right now. The problem? They've been steadily losing donors.

The first thing to understand is that it's not a donor crisis. It's a participant crisis. If you dig deep into your numbers, you'll find that you've also lost those participants in your peer-to-peer events that brought you the donors. We all know that when donors are giving to your run or walk, chances are they're not donating to your organization. They probably donated because a friend was a participant in that event and asked them to give. To renew that donor, you've got to renew that...

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How to eliminate the zero dollar fundraiser

What's shocking to most nonprofits in the peer-to-peer fundraising space is how many event participants they have who don't raise a penny. These are usually people who signed up (probably because someone asked them to) but didn't get around to fundraising until they felt it was too late. Maybe they walked in your event, or maybe they quietly (with guilt or embarrassment) bowed out, hoping you wouldn't notice.

We tend to write off the zero-dollar fundraiser as just part of doing business. But have you looked at how many you really have? If it's less than 20%...

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