Who Owns the Peer-to-Peer Donor?

With peer-to-peer fundraising there's a new challenge facing nonprofits regarding the ownership of donor information. In the past, ownership was fairly simple: A donor wrote a check or charged their credit card to make a donation. The donor’s home address then determined their “home” office/chapter. The home office became owner of that donor, became the receiver of donor funds, controlled future communication and owned solicitation of the donor.

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Infographic: DIY Superstars

As DIY fundraising has become a standard revenue stream for so many nonprofits, many organizations are building strategies to maximize the effect of their DIY programs.

In the past, we’ve reported on some amazing personal campaigns, like a boy with diabetes who raised $150,000 for his bar mitzvah, a climber who raised $60,000 as he climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and a guy who ran across the Brooklyn Bridge in stiletto heels to help rebuild a center for homeless teens. While these are wonderful stories, they’re the exceptions to the rule. Many DIY campaigns will generate a few hundred dollars. But in researching this infographic, we wanted to examine the success of the more impactful DIY campaigns to find out if there are patterns to their success that can be used in encouraging your own DIY fundraisers to be more successful.

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DonorDrive, ImportOmatic, Raiser's Edge and your data.

We're delighted to announce that DonorDrive is among a select group of software providers that Omatic has chosen to sync with Raiser's Edge™ and Raiser's Edge NXT™ through their new ImportOmatic® 3.0. We decided to use this opportunity to talk with Omatic about how important constituent data has become to nonprofits. 

Over the past few years there's been a growing value that nonprofits put on their data. Emily Dalton, product manager for ImportOmatic explains one reason for this shift is the wider and easier access nonprofits have to supporter data: "There's simply more data to be captured because of donor activity. Donors are now engaging with nonprofits through multiple channels and providing more data that can be mined and used by the nonprofit. There's just more data to look at." Organizations are...

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How to get your board to fundraise online.

It’s likely you still have board members who can write a big fat check. But they’ve probably never introduced you to their friends in the same way your participants have. Board members can be incredibly well connected with many philanthropic contacts and peer-to-peer fundraising is a great way to set up that introduction to your organization. Here are some ways to get your board to start fundraising:

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Infographic: The leap to mobile.

We’re at the point where our phones are no longer regarded as an alternative to our desktop, they’re now our preferred way to do online. For some activities we still prefer a big screen and a big keyboard, like inputting data and maybe watching Netflix. But we’re now using our smartphones for reading and viewing that data and communicating. Smartphones are also rapidly being adopted as the device of choice for transactions, including donations. In peer-to-peer fundraising, we’ve seen a smartphone explosion at DonorDrive. 

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New eBook: How to Build a Better Board.

Executive directors at some organizations tend to think the board is a scapegoat for everything that goes wrong. Though the board can sometimes seem like a lump in the way of your nonprofit’s progress, you still have to work with them in order to get your job done. We called on our team of fundraising experts at DonorDrive that have the unique experience of working with boards in their jobs at nonprofits, as well as serving on boards. From their perspective of having seen the issues from both sides, we’ve created an eBook that gives you some of the most practical advice you’ll find for working with your board. In How to Build a Better Board we cover:

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OneSight Case Study: When a partnership works flawlessly.

OneSight is a nonprofit that has provided vision care for 8.5 million underprivileged around the world. To accomplish this, they’ve had great support from Luxottica, the world’s largest eye care company. The tight bond between the company and nonprofit has enabled the two to effectively deliver on their mission of bringing sight to the world’s most needy. 


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Why companies need an All Star culture

Here at DonorDrive, we’re excited that our city is hosting the All Star game. As a matter of fact, our office is located right across the street from Great American Ball Park. As the city where pro ball was born in 1869, baseball is especially dear to our hearts here. But then, the All Star Game has a special place in the psyche of the nation, with the attention of more fans than the equivalent games in football and basketball. Some on our staff have been fortunate enough to get tickets to the All Star Game or some of the other exhibition games being celebrated around it. Global Cloud co-founder Paul Ghiz is one: “I’ve been a fan since I played Pee-Wee baseball and the Reds were my grandfather's favorite team. I even got to witness...

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What makes peer-to-peer donors click the donate button?

There has been much research conducted about what motivates people to give. But most of it is focused on donating to the cause itself and not on peer-to-peer giving. The advice from this research, like “state a suggested donation amount,” is good to give your participants for increasing the size of their donations, but it doesn’t answer that fundamental question of what motivates a donor to click the donate button in the first place. Our research shows there are three key factors that motivate giving in peer-to-peer fundraising:

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The 3 notifications that will improve your event totals.

In events that fundraise through peer-to-peer, improving your communications to fundraisers can (and should be) a never-ending process. There’s always a better way to say something, or new programs and successes to share with your constituents. But it's common that organizations don’t update their messaging annually. We know how overwhelming your to-do list is and realize that updating notifications isn’t at the top. So we’ve done some research on this and prioritized each notification’s importance for fundraising. By just updating the top three, you can see a major improvement in your event totals.

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