Best Practices for better supporter engagement.

If you think you’re “bothering” your supporters by contacting them when not asking them to give or to participate in your event, you’re missing out on a great opportunity. Today’s supporters, especially Millennials and Boomers (probably 50% of your supporters base), expect more engagement from your organization, not less. If you’re not engaging to their expectation, you’re not building the relationship.

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Wrap up your events the easy way.

The day after your signature event, what you’d really love to do is take a vacation. But that’s usually not in the cards. There’s always so much to do with wrapping up all the lose ends, evaluating the successes and failure and jotting down notes for next year’s event. So we’ve created a schedule to make the process go more smoothly and make sure things get wrapped up tight.

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How to Build a Better Board, Part 5: Working with what you got.

As an executive director, before you can build that better board, you’re probably stuck with your current board for the time being. Let’s assume you have a worst-case scenario and have a difficult bunch on your hands. Maybe you’ve just started with this organization and inherited them. Or maybe you’ve fought with them for years and now realize you need to make peace in order to keep your job and make the organization work. While the relationship won't magically change, there are some things you can do to dramatically improve it. 


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How to Build a Better Board, Part 4: The nuts and bolts of board construction

The right board members that bring the right resources are a necessity to your organization. But it’s also important that you have the structures and protocols in place that help maintain the balance you’ve built. Executive directors can often feel that each committee is just another headache to manage. But having the correct committee structure can make your life (and your board's life) much easier. Committees are also good proving grounds to weed out problem supporters and for proving board candidates. 

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How to Build a Better Board, Part 3: Creating resource diversity

Diversity is what builds healthy ecosystems. In the same way, resource diversity can build a healthy board that can make your organization thrive. A board full of check writers no longer works. But a board full of volunteers who give time, but no money—that won’t work either. Your board’s resources need to be diverse and balanced. 

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How to Build a Better Board, Part 2: Shrinking checks and change.

Since 2008, nonprofits have seen an inevitable change that’s restructuring boards across North America: The traditional big-check writers on the board aren’t writing the big checks anymore. This presents executive directors with a prime opportunity to help reshape their board into one that's better suited to this millennium.

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Get the eBook and get a grip on your Millennial problem.
April 2, 2015

So why is it that nonprofits have such a tough time understanding young professionals? Elders have always had trouble understanding youth, but the Millennial Generation seems to really stymie organizations. Some of the conundrums: We're told that this generation is the most passionate ever, yet they don't seem serious about helping your organization. They're connected to every social media platform available, but won't return a phone call. Stats say they're big givers, but not to your organization.

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How to Build a Better Board, Part 1: Finding an ally
April 9, 2015

If you believe what you hear, nonprofit boards are the mortal enemies of executive directors. It's evidenced in board bashing, which seems to be the pastime of many nonprofit staffs. And how often have you heard a fellow staffer tell you exactly how they'd build the perfect board for your organization? We called in our team of specialists: Ed Lord, Mike Malekoff, Geraldine Carter and Amy Fecker for advice. As a group, they've seen the board dispute from both sides: All have had to deal with a board in their management roles at nonprofits and three are currently (or have served key roles) on boards. Their unique perspective will help you to clearly see the path to building a better board at your organization, a board that will work with you and will be motivated toward doing what's really best for your organization.

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Does your fundraising pass Google’s smartphone test?

Mobile has become a huge issue for nonprofits. Having been much slower to adapt to mobile than the commercial world, many organizations have failed to address the mobile issue or assumed that their software providers were handling it. But falling revenues, both online and off are showing the sad truth for many organizations that are not mobile ready. We’re at the point that more than half of web traffic, search traffic and ecommerce is through mobile devices. For online donations, the more alarming statistic is that the bounce rate for mobile users on mobile-unfriendly pages is almost... 

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DonorDrive P2P Professional Forum Scholarship recipient learns how hike her revenue.

Brecka Purnam of CureSearch DonorDrive Scholarship RecipientBack in December 2014, Brecka Putnam (who runs Ultimate Hike and is the Manager of Signature Events for CureSearch) wrote an essay that landed her the DonorDrive Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum scholarship. Her award was a trip to the P2P Professional Forum Conference in February in Orlando. This is the most attended Peer-to-peer fundraising conference in North America, packed with learning and networking opportunities specifically within the peer-to-peer space. This year we decided to dig deep to find out exactly what impact our scholarship can have on an organization, so we followed Brecka throughout the conference.

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